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"Enzymes are a completely natural substance that many health experts call the medicine of the future. If you are suffering chronic pain from arthritis, cancer, sports injuries or heart disease--if you suffer circulatory problems, tinnitus, fibrocystic breast disease, prostatitis, sinusitis, shingles, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, thrombophlebitis or other inflammatory-related conditions, systemic oral enzymes will prove to be the elixer your body craves now." (Michael Loes, M.D., M.D.(H.) and David Steinman, M.A.)
By Iichiroh Ohhira

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Is there a magic elixir for health?

nzyme Therapy could be as close as we will ever get. Over the next 20 years enzyme therapy will be the buzzword in nutrition. Enzymes will be the nutritional supplement of the future, and the way we strengthen or immunological system. The profound effect that these wonderful catalysts have is nothing short of a miracle. They truly are the ""fountain of life"" itself. They are the essential biochemical units of all forms of life. They regulate everything that happens in our system. They coordinate every physical, mental, and emotional activity. When enzyme activity slows in our body, so does our systems efficiency. Enzymes affect everything, and when enzyme activity stops we stop. Your understanding of enzymes and enzyme therapy can have an impact on you and your family's quality of health.

First let's look at the historical background of enzyme therapy, and our understanding of the role enzyme therapy can play. Then we will review enzyme therapy in its remarkable ability to slow the aging process and the treatment for many types of injuries and illnesses. And last we give an overview of the four medicinal properties of what proteolyic enzyme therapy can do for all of us.
In the beginning

Enzyme therapy dates back to the earliest human history. In South America the Indians used papaya leaves for its catalysts properties in wound healing and digestive disorders. In biblical times figs were used to heal tumors. It was the enzyme ""ficin"" derived from the fig, which caused the tumor to subside.
The father of Enzyme Therapy:

Dr. Max Wolf was born in 1885 in Vienna, Austria. He received his first set of degrees (of which he was awarded seven doctorates in his lifetime) in civil and structural engineering, and as an engineer, he developed a number of patented technological discoveries. At the age of 29 he left Austria to visiting his brother in New York. At the encouragement of his brother who was a physician, Wolf began to study medicine. Shortly after finishing medical school he was appointed professor of medicine at Fordham University in New York. Apart from this, he also opened a medical practice with his brother, in which they specialized in gynecology, delivering well over 4000 babies in their practice. Dr. Wolf developed a special interest in the hormonic system. To this point no textbooks had been written, so with the help of his brother the first textbook on endocrinology was developed. This gifted man then went on to study genetics where he learned how to manipulate bacteria and plants, which served to produce massive amounts of eatable protein. Dr. Wolf patented the process and then presented the patents to Mahatma Gandhi, to help feed his starving nation.

Because of his remarkable research, Dr. Wolf became aware of the key role that enzymes played in the vital process of life itself. He was one of the firsts to envision the great therapeutic possibilities that could be achieved with better understanding of enzymatic actions. This went on to become his life's work. He learned through a fellow research scientist's observation that the blood serum of healthy individuals was able to destroy tumor cells, whereas this characteristic was not seen in the blood of patients with cancer. This fellow scientist called this substance ""normal substance"" because at that time it was not known to be enzymes.

In Dr. Wolf's research it soon became clear that the missing factor in the cancer patients was enzymes, by the addition of enzymes to the blood of the individuals with cancer, he re-established this oncolytic effect. With additional research, and a long series of experiments, he then discovered that they could significantly intensify this wonderful anti-cancer effect. But enzymes did much more, and helping cancer patients is just one of there wonderful uses. They have many different applications and have a broad spectrum of uses. Dr. Wolf taught us that premature aging, with all its secondary symptoms, is based primarily on a deficiency of enzyme.

Enzymes help metabolic efficiency, so it makes sense that when our system has normalized enzyme levels we are more efficient and healthier. The four medicinal properties that these little wonder workers have is, where most of the excitement has been. Let's look at the properties that proteolytic enzymes are known for.

1. Anti-inflammatory

Systemic enzymes eat away at circulating immune complexes, the protein cleaving enzymes, destroy the bugs that irritate soft tissue and create inflammation. (Soft tissue is (a) Epithelial tissue includes skin eyes, internal organs, muscle, tendons, and joint capsules (b) Connective tissue which includes blood vessels, fascia and ligaments.)

2. Anti-fibrotic

As we age the enzymes that control the lying down of fibrous tissue diminish. As a result, too much fibrous tissue develops in the body. Fibrous tissue that gets placed in the blood vessels becomes the matrix for atherosclerotic plaque that clogs arteries. In blood vessels it causes thrombosis or blood clots. In breast tissue it becomes fibrocystic breast disease, in the uterus- fibromas. Proteolytic enzymes been shown in studies to eat away at these, diminishing their size and relieving the inflammation surrounding the condition, therefore lowering the associated pain.

3. Blood thinning

In the eating away at dead (necrotic) matter in the blood, of circulating immune complexes, in cleaning the white blood cells of the stuff they have to collect to fight infection; proteolytic enzymes lowers blood viscosity. Aspirin also lowers blood viscosity but not by this mechanism and without side effects, like going to far in thinning out blood and possibly producing hemorrhage. Proteolytic enzymes will not do that in any dosage. If the enzymes have something to work on they will, if they don't nothing happens and they will be excreted from the body. Another fact about aspirin is that it can cause intestinal bleeding. Between 10 and 20 thousand people die annually in the United States from NSAID's i.e. aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxsin etc

4. Immune system supportive.

The white blood cells are in charge of destroying bad bugs in our system. They have little extensions called Fc receptors. These extenuation's drill into the bacteria and the like, destroying them. After that, the extensions pick up the debris from the dead bug and carry it around awaiting disposition. The end result is a stronger immune system.

Dr. Wolf's original Enzyme preparation was administered successfully for almost 40 years. With new emerging systemic enzymes being developed, we are seeing enzyme blends with over 2 X more potency's then the original enzymes of old. These knew enzymes have been shown to reduce inflammation of all types. Examples of frequently existing inflammation are respiratory tract, nasal sinuses, prostate gland, urinary tract, pancreas, operations and sports injuries. In fact a million enzymes are sent to the Olympic training camp for both the German and Austrian teams at the start of the Olympics to aid the athletes in healing quickly.

Enzymes are not the only ""immunoactive substances"", which belongs to a class of what's referred to as ""biological response modifiers"". The diversity of life, offers many problems for human medicine, better understanding of the role enzymes, the ""givers of life"" will play, and hopefully helps, relieve unnecessary suffering, and improve our quality of life. Proteolytic enzyme combinations prove to be worthy in all phases of chronic and malignant diseases. The sensible use of these holistic therapies offers a new and wonderful approach. Holistic therapy is still at the beginning of its development."

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